Moon over MtLawleyShire: more pictorial adventures

More adventures with my little camera.  Last night, I took photos of the moon last night & included them in the post on a sunset last week.

I have just taken photos of the moon tonight & this time, I have noted the settings and the best is this one:  Manual setting:

moon_manual setting

Auto setting.  The worst of them

moon_auto setting

enhanced colour – interesting but not quite right.

moon_Sunset setting

Super vivid isn’t bad:

moon_super vivid setting

ISO 100 – pretty good.

moon_portrait setting

Portrait setting is surprising:

moon_P setting_ISO100

should be brave more often: Manual setting is the best though portrait setting surprised me.


6 comments on “Moon over MtLawleyShire: more pictorial adventures

  1. Madhu says:

    Yes the first one is gorgeous! My manual focusing is usually trial and error, and I don’t usually have time to do that when on the move. Lot more practice is in order 🙂


  2. bulldogsturf says:

    Our own judgement on manual is most times right… we just don’t trust ourselves and think the camera knows best… which in my case is probably right…


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