Out of MtLawleyShire and back for Sunset: river, trees and birds

These are from a trop to Matilda Bay and back again, a quick walk around the streets, then a snatch of sunset and the moon.

First – birds: a quickly snatched shot of a wattled honeyeater in the fully leafed flame tree – it’s not on the right setting, but was this bird going to wait?  Uh uh.

The others are the ubiquitious seagull, but such clear shots against the river, including wind-ruffled feathers.  And they are attractive birds – in appearance.  Habits? Not so much – & getting aggressive too.

wattled honeyeaterby the river    a bit wind ruffled

Left from a magpie lark, I think.

debris on a path

the wonderfully knobbly trunk of a plane tree, and the massive trunk of a moreton bay on the bank of the river.

plane tree trunk_matilda bay   massive moreton bay

Back in MtLawleyShire – this beautiful tree is in someone’s backyard.  Envy 🙂

beautiful trunk someone's beautiful backyard tree

I don’t normally like these, but the way the red caught the sun was stunning.  I almost caught it.

catching the light red

Dunno what this is either, but it’s pretty.

pretty in a corner

Early moon.

moon cropped

ah – sunset – snatches of golden sky

a snatch of golden sky  pretty clouds

from a  distance, the colour is small and slight in a sea of infinite blue

quiet descent into night

closer the colour is more vibrant, deeper

silhoetted suburbia  descending glow

& it really is the middle of suburbia – inner city suburbia at that.  This one looks like it’s out in the middle of nowhere.  Well, I suppose it is Perth…

it really is suburbia

a hint of rays

crepuscular rays  distant glow

the moon partly obscured by clouds tinted by sunset


the sky darkens and I alter the settings on the cameraL moon waxing towards full:

moon_2  moon_5

The real distance of it


I like this one 🙂


but I like this one too 🙂  The second of these the camera was totally on the wrong setting so she comes out as a glamour-Plush 🙂

not looking  smudge a plushie

I hope you enjoyed my little afternoon.

More soon





9 comments on “Out of MtLawleyShire and back for Sunset: river, trees and birds

  1. i think the first couple of flower photos are a bird of paradise. We have one in the front yard, not as colourful though.


  2. marviiilous says:

    Stunning photos!


  3. bulldog says:

    Oh I did enjoy it.. the trees, the flowers, the birds, the sunsets, the moon and you know what else.??? NO SNOW… man the blogs I follow in the northern hemisphere keep posting snow.. I get cold looking at it… love that we live in the South and the tropics .. none of that white stuff….


    • Glad you loved it, but I tell you – I am really wishing I was there & not here! 38 tomorrow, 39 the day after. WE’ve had weeks of bland clear deep blue skies, no rain, endless heat. Yuck. I am not liking it one bit. Not one little bit. I am way past appreciating that the clothes dry before I’ve finished hanging them out. My house is no longer cooling down….


      • bulldog says:

        It is still better than freezing ones toosh off… donning a shirt that is ice cold would send me straight back to bed…
        Yes we are also having that heat, but to be honest I love it… born in the heat and would prefer to die in it… getting cold is not on my wish list… in the Kalahari we topped over the 40 C … it was lovely…


      • we had it terribly hot over Christmas & the New Year, but nothing like the centre of teh country where it touched on 50. Sydney was getting towards 46. It averaged out as the hottest day in Australia’s recorded history – well over 40. Even Hobart got 41 – and burned. Badly.
        I’m not into the heat….
        glad you enjoyed it though – the heat in the Kalahari 🙂


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