Birds in and around MtLawleyShire

Working & my eyes means I can’t take advantage of the flowering trees at the moment, which is a great sadness.  But on my walks, I’ve managed to catch a few:

A cuckoo shrike – famed for swooping upon cats (though my own beloved Fattee Cattee hasn’t had the pleasure of that)


the colourful, lively and very feral, invasive rainbow lorikeet at Matilda Bay.  When they are around, the native birds with their wonderful songs, are in very short supply.

matilda bay_port lincoln_2  matilda bay_port lincoln_1

a seagull at Matilda Bay:

matilda bay_6

a wee New Holland honey eater.  They have the sweetest song, these little things, are so fast and flighty!  It always feels very special when I manage to catch one:

new holland_2  new holland_1

the red wattle bird in the flame tree – it’s been so difficult to catch them recently:

matilda bay_wattle bird_1  wattle bird_matilda bay

now for the singing honey eaters over various days:

wind ruffled on a wire just outside my house:

honey eater_1

in the flame tree:

singing honey eater_1  honey eater_3

honey eater_2  singing honey eater_2

& these 2 photos are my favourites:

singing honey eater_3  singing honey eater_4

There have been more birds since I took these.  I shall include them in another post 🙂