A brief sunset in MtLawleyShire

Only a brief walk this afternoon – rain & going out, but there was enough time to catch momentary lowering sunlight on the almond blossom:

sunlit  sunlit_2


This photo works better in black & white – it suffered from low light:

black and white


almond blossom


I love teh way sunlight catches the flowers – especially against the grey sky:

almond blossom_2

almond blossom_3  almond blossom_4

A tree striped with rain

rain striped


Early evening moon, in clouds & then momentarily in the clear:


evening moon in cloud  evening moon


Sunset – it started watery gold

sunset_1  sunset_6

sunset_9  sunset_10


& ended with a brief magnificence:

sunset_4  sunset_2


before fading to barely a glow:



Then I went to dinner with some friends & played with the light: picture of a water feature in their back garden and a close-up of the water.  Not something my little camera does awfully well, but it came up OK-ish 🙂

night garden  water


& here, the moon in her proper dark:


tonight's moon

Finally – sleeping earlier in the afternoon, my lovely Fattee Cattee 🙂

bloody camera again_2

I will post some more of other shots taken out & about in MtLawleyShire

4 comments on “A brief sunset in MtLawleyShire

  1. kdkh says:

    Lovely as always!


  2. HoaiPhai says:

    Beautiful shots! I especially thank you for the almond blossom… I’ve never seen one before.


    • why thank you, sir 🙂 I love the almond blossom too – very delicate against grey threatening skies. THere aren’t that many blossom trees around here. There’s another further down the road but it’s pick so I think it’s a fruit tree. Probably ornamental.


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