MtLawleyShire sunshine while it lasts

Of course I love winter, but the sunshine this weekend has been a boon in regards to catching honey eaters in the flame trees (& getting the washing dry) although my eyes didn’t help – many a photo on today’s little walk was out of focus.  But not all.

A red wattle bird and a singing honey eater – the only honey eater I managed to catch this afternoon.

flame tree_1  flame tree_2

striped in shadow:

flame tree_3  flame tree_4


2 wattle birds in the one frame (one photo more successful than the other):


flame tree_5   flame tree_7


In the east, clouds were building along with a thick warm wind:


cloud_1  cloud_2


The difference in the sky was notable, but the light on the flame tree flowers was lovely:


flame tree_6  flame tree_9

flame tree_8


As I walked down the street, I took some photos of a bottlebrush bush – it is made of all the spent flower spaces.  They probably have a technical term, but I don’t 🙂  They add a fascinating personality to the tree and wonderful patterns against emptiness.  I will try photographing them again when I have my new glasses.  Focusing was difficult here.

bottlebrush_1  tree_3


To trees – a pied lovely on the corner of William Street and a tall tree in the ground of an apartment block.  Not the prettiest photo, but it is a lovely tree:


tree_1  tree_4


Down a lane, another flame tree, but it was too windy to try catching teh flighty singing honey eaters who were everywhere, teasing me 🙂


down a lane


Over a high brick fence, I saw a bud bigger than my hand and the flower.  The photos don’t really give you an idea of the size, but it’s very large!

down a lane_2  down a lane_3


Two galahs in bright sunlight, grazing on a street verge:

galah_2  galah_1


Brilliant colour in a garden in heavy shadow:




Sweet peas that were teh only grace in a new house for which they tore down something old and graceful with a garden & trees and erected a grey and white box that they will have to make livable with air-conditioning.


sweet pea_2  sweet pea_1


The almond tree blossom: this photo was too dark so I made it darker 🙂



Pink & white beauty in one photo and a snatched glimpse of a honey eater at dusk in the other – they do love the almond tree:

blossom_2  blossom_3

Some black and whites:

Black and white_1   black and white_4

black and white_2  black and white_3


Then it was suddenly sunset:



sunset_4  sunset_2


But the aftermath were the best of it, I think:


sunset_8    sunset_9

sunset_6  sunset_7


I go for my eye test tomorrow.  I am looking forward to being able to focus when I am trying to take photos!  And to the rain (‘heavy at times’ say the forecasters) that will last a whole working week.  So, there won’t be many photos, which with my eyes, is probably a good thing 🙂

& as I get ready to publish this, the wind is howling outside my windows, making the night restless…


Bare Branches in and out of MtLawleyShire


And I should have added in the title that mostly they are more black and whites.  The days have been so dull and gloomy with cloud if not actual rain – it is very difficult to get enough light for photos & those I do get?  They are marred with the graininess that I often get in low light.  So I have turned them to black and whites.  I am definitely going to do something with these.

MtLawleyShire’s Flame trees.  Both the flowers & the branches look wonderful in black and white, becoming studies in the complexity of line and shade, the flowers’ balance of gentle grey – in total contrast with their startling and beautiful scarlet which throws even the sky into shade – but in black and white, they assume a different personality:

flame tree_black and white_1  flame tree_black and white_3

flame tree_black and white_2  flame tree_black and white_4

flame tree_black and white_5  flame tree_yet to flower_black and white

A flame tree in another street – it is not flowering yet, though it is covered in buds.  This looks wonderfully storm-tossed (& it was just after some wild weather)

flame tree_yet to flower

These are taken in West Perth tonight.

It is from teh tree that had the lovely coloured leaves and branches that I shot against a cream wall.  All the leaves are gone now, leaving the branches and twigs bare, like haikus of themselves.  They are shot against a heavy sky (it did nothing, just frowned down upon the afternoon and apparently cleared in time for sunset, but I was working so didn’t get to see anything but a brief hint of aftermath):

bare branches_1  bare branches_4


bare branches_3


And these are turned to black and white:

bare branches_2   black and white_1

black and white_3 black and white_4


A street tree in street lights:

street tree_2

and a detail rendered into white against the black of night.

black And white_5


I hope you are enjoying my experimentations.


Birds in MtLawleyShire’s flame tree and the moon

Before I went to work this afternoon, my darling Fattee Cattee posed winsomely:


then I did a quick dash to the flame trees with the *big* camera (the dSLR).  It was full of birds but they were flying and teasing and fighting and not at all still!  I caught a few of the wattle birds:

flame tree_wattle bird_1  flame tree_wattle bird_3


flame tree_wattle bird_4  flame tree_wattle bird_2


flame tree_wattle bird_9  flame tree_wattle bird_7


flame tree_wattle bird_5  flame tree_wattle bird_6


flame tree_wattle bird_10  flame tree_wattle bird_12



flame tree_wattle bird_13


flame tree_wattle bird_8  flame tree_wattle bird_11

Then it was time for work.  At the break I went out to see what the evening held – & it held the remnants of what would have been a beautiful sunset.  Experimentally, I tried to capture it.

Between the tall, straight street trees:

west perth_4  west perth_3


and from across the busy intersection looking beyond Subiaco Football oval:

  west perth_2


I turned around and rising east over Hay Street was the moon, making a mockery of the street lights:

early moon   street lights

and here it is, the almost, just slightly not quite, full moon.

tonight's moon

I don’t know if there’ll be flame trees or birds or sunsets of the moon tomorrow – there might be Matilda Bay but there will also be a storm and heavy rain coming in the late afternoon and evening.  Ah well – we need the rain…


MtLawleyShire’s Flame tree again – and singing honey eaters

Today, there were no wattle birds, it was mostly honey eaters – singing honey eaters, though the little silver eyes were there too.  They are almost impossible to photograph – so tiny, so quick.  Eve the singing honey eaters are not large – & they can be very quick as well, flitting through the flowers, having arguments.  They are a delight to watch.

In some of these photos, because they were taken with a non-zoomed lens on an eos, you might have to click on the pics to make them larger to actually see the birds.

But first, a few photos of the flowers that entice so many birds: I love their scarlet, their scimitar shapes.  The are just wonderful:

flame tree_4  flame tree_5

flame tree_3  flame tree_2


& these – against a background of the green of a neighbouring tree:


flame tree_1


Now the singing honey eaters:

flame tree_honeyeater_1  flame tree_honeyeater_11

Singing honey eaters – see how small they are compared to the flowers


flame tree_honeyeater_5  flame tree_honeyeater_12

flame tree_honeyeater_7  flame tree_honeyeater_10

And this was such a lucky shot – my favourite for today:

flame tree_honeyeater_2


flame tree_honeyeater_6

I like these three as well 🙂

flame tree_honeyeater_4  flame tree_honeyeater_8  flame tree_honeyeater_9

flame tree_honeyeater_14  flame tree_honeyeater_15

flame tree_honeyeater_3   flame tree_honeyeater_13

two more New Holland honey eaters – smaller than the singing honey eater so even harder to catch.  You might have to click on the pics to actually see the birds.  The first of these photos is my favourite, though it is such a tiny bird in this large photo 🙂

flame tree_new holland_1  flame tree_new holland_3

flame tree_new holland_2

flame tree_honeyeater_17  flame tree_honeyeater_19


flame tree_honeyeater_18  flame tree_honeyeater_21


flame tree_honeyeater_23  flame tree_honeyeater_22

flame tree_honeyeater_20


& these 2 – singing honey eaters against the rising almost full moon

flame tree_honeyeater_24  flame tree_honeyeater_16


I hope I have time to take photos before I go to work tomorrow.  From Tuesday on, there is rain forecast, which is a good thing.  We have had almost no rain this winter.  It has been a desert winter and we sorely need the rain.


More of MtLawleyShire’s flame tree & birds

Is it OK if I post some more?

Today, I took out my new dSLR to see if I could use its limited lens to get some photos – timing is the thing with these photos as the birds move around so much.

It was so cold and windy my eyes watered like crazy and so many photos missed the mark – but not all 🙂

While there were honey eaters – singing honey eaters & teh little silver eyes, as well as new hollands, I only managed to catch 2 singing honey eaters:

flame tree_honey eater_1  flame tree_honey eater_2

Mostly it was a pair of wattle birds.  They weren’t in evidence last year, but this year, this pair seem to dominate the flame tree.  There are only the 2 trees now, as the 3rd was blown down in a storm last year.  Over 100 years old, is came down in an instant.  Terribly sad.

So, the birds are congregating in just the one tree.  The second hasn’t got as many flowers out yet.

This next set of photos are all taken on the dSLR – not a new model, by any means (Canon 40d), but still – the quality of the photos astounds me!

And if you think that many of the photos seem like the same flowers with the bird having only moved a little, you’re right – I stood there, in the middle of the road, and did the phtoographer thing – click click click click… 😀

flame tree_wattle bird_7

flame tree_wattle bird_1  flame tree_wattle bird_3

flame tree_wattle bird_5 flame tree_wattle bird_4


flame tree_wattle bird_18  flame tree_wattle bird_19


flame tree_wattle bird_6  flame tree_wattle bird_8

flame tree_wattle bird_2


This is my favourite:

flame tree_wattle bird_9

These are taken with my little Powershot point ‘n’ shoot, and it isn’t just the camera – the sun did come out and the wind died down, so there was a lot more golden light (it was near sunset time):

flame tree_wattle bird_10  flame tree_wattle bird_13


I am always amazed at the acrobatic abilities if this bird:

flame tree_wattle bird_11  flame tree_wattle bird_12


flame tree_wattle bird_15    flame tree_wattle bird_17

flame tree_wattle bird_14

flame tree_wattle bird_20    flame tree_wattle bird_16

flame tree_wattle bird_21  flame tree_wattle bird_22


flame tree_wattle bird_26  flame tree_wattle bird_24

flame tree_wattle bird_23  flame tree_wattle bird_25

Makes me wonder what I will catch tomorrow 🙂

MtLawleyShire’s Flame Tree

Here are a few more flame tree flowers with birds. They didn’t make it into my last post, as they weren’t quite ‘golden’ enough for the Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Wattle birds in scarlet flowers against the blue of sky:

flame tree_wattle bird_18  flame tree_wattle bird_10

flame tree_wattle bird_33  flame tree_wattle bird_9

And here are the singing honey eaters – they and the wattle birds were fighting and flying the whole time, making it very difficult 🙂

flame tree_honeyeater_5  flame tree_honeyeater_4

I love these two – perhaps not quite as clear as they could be, but they are wonderfully ‘oriental’.

flame tree_honeyeater_3  flame tree_honeyeater_2

flame tree_honeyeater_1

& the last of the wattle birds.

flame tree_wattle bird_20  flame tree_wattle bird_12

Tomorrow is Saturday and there is nowhere to be in teh afternoon. I will be taking more photos 🙂