Trees in and around MtLawleyShire

I haven’t been to Hyde Park since they mutilated all the plane trees – I can’t bear the thought of knowing it’s spring and not being able to see the buds coming on the brnaches, or see the gracious gorgeous sweep of new green leaves almost down to the ground.

I might go down in a month or so, but it will be to see the wildflowers.  I won’t go to the sadness of the ponds.

But, despite a lack of time & my eyes, I have been photgraphing trees

The sheoaks are in flower – this is one on the edge of MtLawleyShire.  I must photograph the ones outside the post office.  They are looking glorious at the moment.


This tall young thing is on the edge of a carpark – & can’t you just tell our summer is just around the corner but the blue of that sky.


details of wonderful branches in a park on teh edg of MtLawleyShire:

trees_5  trees_3

Branches from the same place, and in the second, a wattle bird in silhouette:

trees_4  trees_1

A view of all the trees in this park, which is on the intersection of two major arterial roads:


a close-up of bark:


A strangely bent peppermint tree at Matilda Bay:

matilda bay_3

on the edge of the Swan River & over the road in the University of Western Australiua’ carpark:

matilda bay_1  matilda bay_2

not a huge post, but I know there is at least one who will appreciate them 🙂