Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadowing presented quite a challenge.  What, I thought, amongst my recent photos of cats, clouds, sunsets & flowers intimated foreshadowing?

Then I had a thought – all things imply action and even inaction foreshadows a counter-action – so…

Fattee Cattee’s expression, her position on the floor looking up at me at my desk foreshadows her leap up onto my lap & then the desk to interfere with my typing:


It is Winter in the Southern hemisphere, and if we’re lucky, we get rain.

A definite foreshadowing of a wet night on the way


Foreshadowing storm and wind – an afternoon at Matilda Bay before a wonderful storm:

Foreshadowing_14  Foreshadowing_13

Foreshadowing rain and storms in MtLawleyShire:

foreshadowing_5  foreshadowing_6



The last of leaves foreshadowing the coming of deepest (& sadly all too brief) Winter:

foreshadowing_8  Foreshadowing_20

A new moon foreshadows teh coming of the full moon:



These guys – ravens – foreshadow many things:



Whether fiery or quiet, a sunset foreshadows the coming night:

Foreshadowing_21  Foreshadowing_12

Foreshadowing the arrival of midwinter: flame tree buds:

Foreshadowing_16  Foreshadowing_15


And here, just into August, flower buds foreshadowing the end of winter:

jasmine buds & lavender flowers with a bee:

foreshadowing_1  foreshadowing_4

And – shock horror – just last night: buds on a MtLawleyShire almond tree:


And finally – how could I resist:

Foreshadowing a leap off the compost bin in disgust because there is no lemon grass (she’s addicted)


Foreshadowing purrs:


& this final photo, titled: A Portrait in Darkness’ foreshadows the kiss I am about to drop onto her furry delightful head:



I have enjoyed this challenge, and while some of the photos may be familiar, I think many of them will be new to you.  I am looking forward to seeing other interpretations.

& please forgive the appearance of the Fattee Cattee:-)

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MtLawleyshire playing with leaves, light and colour

And, apart from playing with light and colour, I should add – a problem.  I know the solution, but it’ll take time and quite a bit of money.  No, not a camera – glasses!

I was told last year that I needed glasses & fairly urgently, and promptly forgot.  But then – I got my zoom lens and – oh dear.  I got such terrible eye strain that I couldn’t focus the camera properly and even when I switched to my little point and shoot, it remained.  So a few scant photos of honey eaters in the flame tree from yesterday.  At least it makes sense of the strange headaches I’ve had over the last week.  Sigh.

This wattle bird was the only decent photo I got – & as you can see, am still learning apertures and so on.  But at least you can see the bird with his glorious yellow underneath.

wattle bird

These two of a singing honeyeater came out OK

flame tree_2  flame tree_3


and this:

flame tree_6


This one surprised me when I downloaded the photos.

flame tree_7


But the flowers drenched in sunlight came out OK.

flame tree_4  flame tree_5

The rest are black and whites – all the photos that sort of failed but I think they are redeemed with the black and white:

flame tree  black and white_7


black and white_4  black and white_14

black and white_15  black and white_3


This one has come cloud darkness which kinda works.


black and white_2

The one with the flying wattle bird works better in black and white than it did in colour!  And the one next to it is the same – there is a honey eater sipping nectar that didn’t come out well in colour (though I think it needs a wee bit more light):

black and white_12  black and white_13


black and white_10  black and white_6

I experimented with flowers

black and white_5

black and white  black and white_11

black and white_16

And Jacaranda tree:

black and white_9  black and white_8

and finally – clouds:


Two photos of the same cloud, but I wanted detail of that lower raggedy edge:

cloud_2  cloud_3

Finally, some portraits of the lovely Fat one:

wanting lemon grass – not the camera!

no picture_I want lemon grass

more content in her favourite chair:

on her favourite chair

a series of portraits in her favourite chair:

kitty_7  kitty_2


She puts up with the camera in her face 🙂


her and her bloody camera  kitty_3


she moved  kitty_5


kitty_6  kitty_1


& sometimes, there is an affectionate glance:


Next week, I’m finding an optomertrist & then – new glasses instead of the readers I’ve been using for years and years….