MtLawleyShire’s Flame Tree

Here are a few more flame tree flowers with birds. They didn’t make it into my last post, as they weren’t quite ‘golden’ enough for the Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Wattle birds in scarlet flowers against the blue of sky:

flame tree_wattle bird_18  flame tree_wattle bird_10

flame tree_wattle bird_33  flame tree_wattle bird_9

And here are the singing honey eaters – they and the wattle birds were fighting and flying the whole time, making it very difficult 🙂

flame tree_honeyeater_5  flame tree_honeyeater_4

I love these two – perhaps not quite as clear as they could be, but they are wonderfully ‘oriental’.

flame tree_honeyeater_3  flame tree_honeyeater_2

flame tree_honeyeater_1

& the last of the wattle birds.

flame tree_wattle bird_20  flame tree_wattle bird_12

Tomorrow is Saturday and there is nowhere to be in teh afternoon. I will be taking more photos 🙂