Flame tree flowers in MtLawleyShire

Yes – the flowers are opening.  No, I cannot resist photographing them.

Birds are not visiting yet, except for one lot.  But soon, I hope the honeyeaters flock to the scarlet offerings of nectar.

Beginning to open:


flame tree_6  flame tree_2

flame tree_1  flame tree_3

flame tree_4  flame tree_3

More definitely there:

flame tree_3  flame tree_4


Against the deep blue of a dersert winter sky:

flame tree_3  flame tree_2

flame tree_4  flame tree_6


  flame tree_7 

flame tree_2

flame tree_7  flame tree_3

the symphony of fire begins:

flame tree_1

flame tree_2

flame tree_7flame tree_5


flame tree_1flame tree_5

flame tree_5

flame tree_5flame tree_2




flame tree_4flame tree_6


flame tree_1

Soon, the symphony of scarlet flame will cover the whole tree & it will be full of nectar-loving birds.

I can barely wait!