Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden hour

I almost mixed this Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.  A combination of working nights and a visit from winter.  But this afternoon – I went out to look at the flame tree & found not only flame tree flowers but BIRDS!  Wattle birds and new holland honey eaters and singing honey eaters, all feeding amongst flowers lit in that magical hour before sunset.

I haven’t posted them all – there are soooo many.  I will post more later, and should I apologize for them all?

But first – the last remaining rose in the neighbourhood, lit by the golden light of the sun.


All other roses have been pruned, as have mine.  It is now up to the flame trees to provide most of the colour in the neighbourhood. Following are photos of flame tree flowers and wattle birds.

flame tree_7  flame tree_wattle bird_23

flowers lit with the sun and a new holland honey eater, also caught in the sun:


flame tree_6  flame tree_new holland_2

another new holland, and a flower against the blue sky:

flame tree_new holland_1  flame tree_3


A wattle bird lit by the sun as well as the flowers:

flame tree_wattle bird_3  flame tree_wattle bird_4


The tree is now just glorious and the wattle birds are taking full advantage:

flame tree_8  flame tree_wattle bird_5


As are the new holland honey eaters, and the flowers just glowing against the old trunk:

flame tree_new holland_4  flame tree_9


Wattle bird and new holland – they were flying challenges at each other, and the singing honey eaters (none of the latter in this set, later)

flame tree_wattle bird_7  flame tree_new holland_3


Just flowers (though there is a bird in one)


flame tree_7  flame tree_10

flame tree_wattle bird_21  flame tree_wattle bird_2

flame tree_wattle bird_6  flame tree_wattle bird_1

flame tree_6  flame tree_wattle bird_26


flame tree_wattle bird_27  flame tree_wattle bird_14


I like these, against the warm wall of a house:


flame tree_wattle bird_30  flame tree_wattle bird_16


and finally, this chinese tallow, stripped of leaves, made warm in teh last of the golden hour’s light – & with the moon tangled in its branches.


I hope you forgive my indulgence for this week’s Weekly photo Challenge: The Golden Hour.




13 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden hour

  1. […] Here are a few more flame tree flowers with birds. They didn’t make it into my last post, as they weren’t quite ‘golden’ enough for the Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour […]


  2. Joanna Fay says:

    Sublime xxx


  3. Oh my God. They are all so gorgeous!! Amazing photography!


  4. bulldog says:

    Nothing to forgive they are all beautiful…


  5. Oh Keira – the rose in all its simplicity, shimmering satin in that golden light! I can almost smell it – just superb 🙂


    • thank you 🙂 though, actually, it has no perfume. & it was the last on the bush. I think they will prune them this weekend.


      • No perfume? My memory’s beginning to romanticise then because late roses seem to be tied to scents in my mind! I hope she picks it and takes it into her bedroom.


      • thiese are a recent variety (sorry – typing around the Fattee Cattee who wants me to go to bed – she’s on teh desk).- beautiful have them massed along borders & fences. Always white. They look speccy, but don’t have perfume, unlike other gardens where I’ve photographed roses, overcome with the perfume 🙂


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