Wild Wintry Mt LawleyShire

In contrast with last night’s post, todays is grey.  It could almost have been shot in black and white.

It was a wild wintry dy – a delight for a place whose winter has been dry – so dry there is no water left in teh dams that is suitable for drinking.  Perth is no relying on desalination for its water requirements.

But today – wild winds, cold, scattering of hail and heavy showers.  ALl of this meant no sunset – but oh! The clouds!

I didn’t go far, still suffering this revolting cold/flu thing, but I could see enough.

To the west – rain and darkness:

clouds_1  clouds_4

clouds_2  clouds_6


clouds_8  clouds_9

clouds_5  clouds_10


& yes – that’s rain, & I almost got caught in it:



In the east, hints of the sunset occurring beneath the clouds:

sunset_1  sunset_2

sunset_4  sunset_3


clouds_7  sunset_6


& once again – more rain falling, about to drown out hints of colour:


Then later – clouds in the darkening evening:

late clouds_2  late clouds_4

late clouds_3

unbelievably – there was a gap in the clouds – very brief, so I was very lucky to catch the early evening moon, still coloured by hints of sunset:

this evening's moon

then the clouds massed again:

late clouds_1

and later – much later, in another clearing: tonight’s moon:

tonight's moon