Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

I have been tempted by Sonel’s black and white challenges.



I think some of these are more abstract than others, but I am trying 🙂

Buildings in Perth:


A sunset:


Flame trees – one with a willy wagtail:

sonel_2  sonel_9

white roses:


zygocactus flower & a rose:


sonel_5  sonel_8


Hyde Park’s bewintered plane trees:



These w I feel come closer to abstract: a duck in Hyde Park on the ponds, and a spooky seagull at Matilda Bay:

sonel_6  sonel_10

I can’t find any others to link back to 😦






Last Month’s Moon in MtLawleyShire – the Super Moon

This is very late – I completely forgot about it.  The so-called ‘super moon’ in June.

In Perth, it was a wild rainy day with wonderful clouds at sunset, but even before that, I met a friend for coffee in the city, the clouds were building:

cloud_2  cloud_3

cloud_4  perth_1

perth_4  perth_6

perth_5  perth_7

and a rainbow:


Then it was back in MtLawleyShire and late afternoon:

cloud_1  cloud_5

cloud_7  cloud_6

cloud_9  cloud_8


Then it was sunset time:

cloud_12  sunset_6

clouds_2  sunset_3

The glow through the clouds was intensely ethereal

sunset_2  sunset_4

cloud_11  sunset_8

sunset_5  sunset_7


I then crossed the road to be in place for the moon, and when I looked back west:

clouds_1  cloud_13

But would the sky clear in time for the moon rise?

In short – no.

The clouds continued to be amazing – here is an apparition (one dark, one lighter) briefly in the night sky:

clouds_3  apparition_lighter

Finally, thorugh the clouds – the moon, although it was well past risen:

in cloud_3  in cloud_2

in cloud_1

almost clear:

almost clear

& in the clear night sky:

tonight's full moon



So sorry I didn’t post this earlier.  I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Birds in MtLawleyShire’s flame tree and the moon

Before I went to work this afternoon, my darling Fattee Cattee posed winsomely:


then I did a quick dash to the flame trees with the *big* camera (the dSLR).  It was full of birds but they were flying and teasing and fighting and not at all still!  I caught a few of the wattle birds:

flame tree_wattle bird_1  flame tree_wattle bird_3


flame tree_wattle bird_4  flame tree_wattle bird_2


flame tree_wattle bird_9  flame tree_wattle bird_7


flame tree_wattle bird_5  flame tree_wattle bird_6


flame tree_wattle bird_10  flame tree_wattle bird_12



flame tree_wattle bird_13


flame tree_wattle bird_8  flame tree_wattle bird_11

Then it was time for work.  At the break I went out to see what the evening held – & it held the remnants of what would have been a beautiful sunset.  Experimentally, I tried to capture it.

Between the tall, straight street trees:

west perth_4  west perth_3


and from across the busy intersection looking beyond Subiaco Football oval:

  west perth_2


I turned around and rising east over Hay Street was the moon, making a mockery of the street lights:

early moon   street lights

and here it is, the almost, just slightly not quite, full moon.

tonight's moon

I don’t know if there’ll be flame trees or birds or sunsets of the moon tomorrow – there might be Matilda Bay but there will also be a storm and heavy rain coming in the late afternoon and evening.  Ah well – we need the rain…