Urban Sunsets

These were mostly taken from William Street.  I call them ‘urban sunsets’ as telephone wires and buildings also – um – ‘structure’ the view.

The last 2 evenings have had wonderful sunsets.  Both had clouds which ‘structure’ the sky & we’ve had very few clouds recently.

So even though there was no rain (& we are in sore need of some), they were very welcome.

Here is a selection:

It started out quiet, with the clouds,


got more violently coloured and powerful:


and when the sun went behind the land, it left behind spectacularly coloured clouds.


& it was echoed in paler pastels in the eastern sky – also urban, so telephone wires & poles


The next day – or rather evening – was quieter.  No sign of the promised rain.


clouds leading the sunset over the western sky, suffusing it with gold:




Tonight’s sunset was altogether more subdued.  No clouds, nothing to fling it wide, sink it into the skin of the sky, but there was a lovely surprise at the end of it:


and here is the surprise: the new moon so pale against the pale sky

and then, it was not alone, this curved sliver of whitened silver:

and later:

and here she is, waiting for me:


Today I photographed some trees and some bark.  The bark of the paper bark is intense and fascinating & has been used in artwork by the indigenous people.  I was a bit experimental as the trees are too damn big to fit in my little camera 🙂

A selection (of the photos that worked!):

These 3 are of a ghost gum (I think) on the Mt Lawley ECU campus.  It’s a young one so not very big, but still seems a giant in these photos, striding into the infinite blue of this unending summer.


Sunset colours on a large gum tree on a corner on William Street.


The paperbark or cloud blossom – & the flowers & bark explain the 2 names.  I don’t know which is correct – or if, indeed, either is correct 🙂


The bark of these trees is truly amazing & my photos don’t do it justice.  I will have to try again, but I offer these anyway:



Only a short post – I have so much work to do.  But I will definitely be taking more photos of more trees.  They are amongst my favourite things, trees.

I hope you enjoyed these photos.