New appearance

yes, I’ve changed the look of MtLawleyShire. Hope it works. The other made images look so cluttered. Now all I have to do is figure out how to make the photos line up reasonably – and I shall post the sunsets tomorrow.
For now, here are some flowers I took yesterday and this evening.

Sunsets tomorrow – there are a few photos & it will take time to organize.

A short walk

No time for Hyde Park yesterday, but I walked from Mt Lawley to Highgate where I met a friend for coffee – & that meant I  walked past flowers & trees.  And sunset on the way home, a beautiful sunset, structured by clouds ( a rare thing in our world), though rain is looking less likely now, and in fact, the temperature’s going up again this week.  Last night was not cool.  While I was working, & we’re talking midnight, it was still over 20 degrees.  Some Autumn this is!  It was certainly a warm walk down William Street, & although I was running late for my coffee-meet, I stopped along the way:




With native trees, there are no signs of Autumn.  They’re evergreens so there is no appreciable Autumn today 😦


And this one is my favourite tree in the whole area – a huge lemon-scented gum:

  my little camera can’t get all of it in, but I love the main trunk with the primary branches looks like a hand.  It is a beautiful tree.

I walked a route I often go if I’m visiting the Highgate end of Beaufort Street which is to turn off William Street opposite Hyde Park.  It felt wrong to not be going in, to not enter the leafy tunnel of the Morten Bay Fig trees, but the street I turned into is lovely with them – & its own tunnel.


They are amazing trees, the Morten Bay Fig.  THey are actually a ‘strangler fig’, native to the (sadly diminishing) rainforest areas of Eastern Australia, and now you find them everywhere that is warm enough – which Perth certainly is!  They are famous for their ‘buttress roots’ and next time I’m in Hyde Park, I will take some photos of those, because the trees in the park are much older than the ones along this street. But young though they are, they are still not small.



light at the end of the tunnel: Beaufort Street.

Beaufort Street looking towards the city

and looking north-east, away from the city:

I will post the sunsets another time.  They were pretty good.  The colours were spectacular.

I hope you enjoyed my short walk.

Keira 🙂