Today I photographed some trees and some bark.  The bark of the paper bark is intense and fascinating & has been used in artwork by the indigenous people.  I was a bit experimental as the trees are too damn big to fit in my little camera 🙂

A selection (of the photos that worked!):

These 3 are of a ghost gum (I think) on the Mt Lawley ECU campus.  It’s a young one so not very big, but still seems a giant in these photos, striding into the infinite blue of this unending summer.


Sunset colours on a large gum tree on a corner on William Street.


The paperbark or cloud blossom – & the flowers & bark explain the 2 names.  I don’t know which is correct – or if, indeed, either is correct 🙂


The bark of these trees is truly amazing & my photos don’t do it justice.  I will have to try again, but I offer these anyway:



Only a short post – I have so much work to do.  But I will definitely be taking more photos of more trees.  They are amongst my favourite things, trees.

I hope you enjoyed these photos.

6 comments on “Trees

  1. BobbieA says:

    great info, Thanks. I’ll check back regularly now that I’ve found this.


  2. niasunset says:

    WOW! Fascinated me your tree photographs… what an amazing light you captured in number 4 and 5… This is great post. I loved them all dear Keira, Thank you, with my love, nia


    • thank you 🙂 I loved seeing the light, the way it changed the tree. Sadly, only those 2 photos worked out. The others didn’t. I shall try again tomorrow, or the enxt day… The tree is not going to walk away 😀


      • niasunset says:

        but you did right by taking many pictures, because always can be problem but one of them could be perfect. The light and trees were amazing but tomorrow it will be different… every shot is different. 🙂 But I am sure you will capture another amazing moments of these times. You are welcome, and Thank you, love, nia


  3. More great photos, and I`m enjoying the descriptions too. More pics of the wattle flowers please.


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