Weekly Photo Challenge – Arranged

Once more, I don’t know how to do things – like the ‘pingback’, or get the Weekly Photo Challenge thing onto my site.  It’s all very frustrating.

But, I have found some photos:

These first 2 are arranged plantings of South Western Australian wildflowers, the Kings Park Wildflower Festival, 2011.

Winter, 2011, reveals how the branches of the winter-bare plane trees are fractally arranged.

A formal garden, arranged within an inch of its life, at Aberglasney Gardens, Wales, 2009.

An unexpected angle revealed how the walls and windows are arranged to allow a view of the Forest of Dean.  Tintern Abbey, October, 2009.

Could someone tell me how to do the pingbacks?  I have already seen some lovely photos.

Fat Kitty & camera: a wee photo essay

I am still not well, & not sure whether I’m better or worse at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll be doing any walking today either.  But it doesn’t mean my camera stays quiet.

After I returned from the hospital, my lovely cat greeted me, wanting attention.  Then she was happy to sit – until I got the camera out:




I finally got the camera strap back and fat kitty skipped off: