The cat and the moth

I am sitting at my desk trying to finish an article (serious re-writing required – & computer problems to boot) and there is a huge moth whirring around the room. It brushes against me every now and then, the touch of it swings like cool feathers on my skin.

Needless to say, the fat little cat is awake, sitting up, wanting to get on the desk, my lap, the back of the chair, my shoulders (she’s actually not that little a cat!).  she has tried to leap up the bookshelves and if she did – I don’t like to think of the result.

How am I supposed to get anything done here!

& this is the crepuscular kitty herself – and this is the expression on her face right now!  Wish I could get a photo of the moth.



Photo-free post – almost

& a very sad thing that is too.  I am having a frustrating morning.  My little netbook is not well & I’ve spent hours trying to sort it out when I should’ve been writing.  And it doesn’t look as though I can use it anyway (& I think I just heard a mouse in my laundry!  Argh!  Where is my little fat cat?) which is really frustrating, though I means in a little while, I will go out walking with camera instead of computer.

Well, I thought it was going to be photo free…

here is the little fat cat being beautiful:


And I’m thinking of changing the appearance of my blog.  The ‘theme’ I have isn’t really the best for displaying photos.

Any thoughts?  I am thinking of going for something with a mainly white background.

That’s it till I get back with new photos….