Flowers in the afternoon

I went for a walk (again) today, and along with trees & Hyde Park, I photographed flowers.

A selection of my photos follows.

First: bottlebrush.  I was a bit windy, but I managed to catch them in a still second.  I love the scarlet of these.  In Spring, which it isn’t, the trees are almost completely scarlet, but it’s Autumn and they really shouldn’t be flowering.


A frangipani flower blown off its tree.  It was way to windy to photograph the tree.  Next time.

The perfume as I walked beneath it was simply heavenly.

These little blue flowers generally grow as hedges and look very pretty.

A pale beautiful Grevillea on a tree I passed.


The seed pod left after the flower has gone.  It looks so much like a caterpillar or inset of some kind 🙂

More bottlebrush – a slightly different flower & on a different street.  It was on the way home after some fairly fruitful work,


& I was so lucky to catch this as I was looking at the purple lantana (below) – a new holland honeyeater in the bottlebrush flowers.  These were the best 2 shots.

Lantana – a whole verge full.  And white everlastings.  In Spring, this is full of friesas & it’s gorgeous.

Lantana is actually a very invasive weed, and in the bush, runs rampant & while it looks pretty, it kills native vegetation, changes the ecosystem and all the animals and birds suffer as well. It’s a huge problem in the Eastern States.



the red trumpet flower is on a huge tree that when in full flower can almost rival bottlebrush for sheer spectacle.

Pink jasmine on a white fence.

I hope you enjoyed these.

More posts later – more trees 🙂