The Water levels are dropping

I left my walk a little last this afternoon and it was almost sunset by the time I got to the park.  So, no sunset photos tonight.  And the park was fill of joggers which meant it was difficult taking photos.  That seems to happen every now and then – all these personal trainers must decide to meet and do the running with their clients en masse.  It does ruin the place for everyone else, for all the dog walkers, the people who power walk around the ponds, the mums pushing babies in prams, the old folk out getting their daily constitutional.  The foreign students here to learn English taking time out from studies and loneliness.  When the joggers are out like that, everyone has to dodge and try to walk somewhere else, but it’s not much fun.

It wasn’t as hot today as yesterday, but the light was as bright.  There is the possibility of rain by the end of the week, but that was the forecast for last week and it evaporated before the day was even close, so I’m not holding my breath.  But I hope it does rain.

These photos are from today & yesterday and the dried out bed of the ponds is almost shocking.  But there is still beauty – & water.  And birds.  The Autumn colouring of the leaves is unmistakable and there are more leaves on the ground.

Yesterday, there was a moment when there was no-one around and a sudden wind blew from the south-west.  It blew screes of leaves into the water, and the ducks scurried and scattered.  THe trees roared and leaves flew, all under a brilliant blue sky in sparkling sunlight, heat dappled under the trees like the shade.  It was a moment you can’t photograph but made me realize this really is Autumn.  It’s going to get a little cooler perhaps, and maybe we won’t have any more 40 degree days, but this is as good as it gets.  I miss a real Autumn.

I’ve included a selection of photos from both yesterday & today.   think you have to ‘mouse over’ the images to get the titles.  Not sure whether I’ve managed to include the description or not…

These are yesterdays.  I didn’t have much time to walk around the park.

          after 2 days, the water had retreated & the heat of the days had dried out the pond floor.  It looked as though it had never been under water       & the birds are taking full advantage.   but just out of sight is the dry section of the previous photo.

Such an 'English' looking park :-)      

The next ones are from this afternoon’s walk.





& then the memory card was full because I forgot to clear it.


Shall try for some more tomorrow.