Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban



Mostly, my ‘urban’ photos are to draw attention to something skyward: clouds, sunsets, trees & the like, so I’m not sure I’m meeting the challenge as such, but I will attempt to meet the Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban as opposed to streetscape – or parks and trees and or sunsets …

From the river, at Matilda Bay, the city rises across the river (one of late summer/early Autumn & one of late winter/early spring with flame tree flowers)


& clouds dwarfing any concept of ‘urban’

the city from Beaufort Street – different depending on what cafe I was at :-)



And from William Street, standing on the edge of Hyde Park, looking citywards:

This is also just outside Hyde Park – & it’s a bit of an iffy inclusion, but storm clouds over urban straight lines…

Urban sunsets:




and now, urban shots from within – within the ‘urban’ that is.  They are all taken from an alleyway and upper Hay Street, West Perth.



These are experimental, playing with straight lines in comparison with clouds:



Well, that’s my entry to this Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban.  I am getting more interested in the play of straight lines & shadows in contrast with clouds and trees, but don’t have much time to experiment.  I hope, nonetheless, you enjoyed them.

Not many trees though :-(




34 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban

  1. Madhu says:

    Love the serenity in these urban shots!

  2. niasunset says:

    Wonderful entry, dear Keira, these photographs fascinated me all. Thank you, have a nice week, love, nia

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  4. eof737 says:

    Beautiful… You covered it all. ;-)

  5. rutheh says:

    Your series shouts URBAN!

  6. Nice series–perfect for the theme.

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  15. bulldogsturf says:

    Oh yeah oh yeah we enjoyed them… nice to see you’re still pop in … I love the idea you’re enjoying straight lines… but trees have them as well… just not as easily seen…

    • of course they do :-D But trees, sadly, isn’t considered as ‘urban’ – though I don’t know there’s many photos without trees :-) & thanks :-0

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  17. cocomino says:

    Beautiful. The sunset is always impressive.

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