Mtlawleyshire sunsets on public exhibition

Something I have been working on – an installation of last summer’s Urban Sunset photos are now on exhibition at the Mt Lawley campus of my university – Edith Cowan.

I have no idea how people will react to them, and I guess it’s not something people would expect from a PhD in Creative Writing, but – it doesn’t look too bad.

The photos I’ve taken don’t really do it justice, but give you an idea.

It’s behind glass and for some reason, I took it on the skew.  And I thought I was standing in the centre.  Sigh.  The cabinet they’re installed in is in a corridor, so I couldn’t go back very far 🙂

The photos are mounted on A1 sheets of paper – lots and lots of little photos.  Drove me up the wall, sticking them all on 😀


THe individual photos don’t come out all that clearly here, but perhaps that’s not all that important.

Nice to think I can actually do something with my photos 🙂