Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit

To me, this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit is about birds.

I love birds, and with the flame trees in flower, they are everywhere.  It doesn’t really make them any easier to photograph, but here are some of those I’ve managed.  And whether they are in flight or not, to me, a bird epitomises the term Free Spirit.  So they are ideal for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Kookaburras in Hyde Park – not normally so still and accommodating to the amateur photographer:

Pelican and seagull at Matilda Bay – & the seagull is the one showing real freedom of spirit here, but the reflection shows there is not, despite the alarm on Mr. Pelican’s face, any danger of a collision:

My local songbird and master of the domain (including the fluffy fat cat!) – a willy wagtail singing his little heart out:

& a magpie lark, high above Beaufort street, oblivious to all as he preens his wing feathers:

Parrots: Port Lincolns: sitting still and also, not so still:


Singing honeyeaters in green leaves, washing & just sitting:


Wattled Honey eaters at Matilda Bay:


Wattled honey eaters in the flame tree around the corner:


Singing Honeyeaters in the flame tree around the corner:




And flying – this is what they usually do.  I spend ages watching & waiting, and sometimes, they do this – which makes me laugh because they are so lovely to watch.  Free spirits indeed 🙂


At sunset: singing honey eaters:


And finally, my own little free spirit – here showing her little scamp side 🙂

I guess I could’ve gone for sunsets, for trees, and they are indicative of the Free Spirit too, very much so, but for me, at the moment, it is birds (apart from my sweet little fat & fluffy cat).

I hope you enjoyed my entry and I’m looking forward to seeing others.


as more entries become available, I’ll list them.