Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Wrong.  Photos that have something wrong in them.

What an interesting Weekly Photo Challenge – to separate out bad photos (of which I have many) from photos that indicate a subtle wrongness in the world or something.

Well, I have some.

Hyde Park:

Daffodils are lovely indicators of Spring – this photo was taken in June this year.  Later, there was cold, but June was warm, and right now, all the spring flowers are out.  a couple of weeks, at least, too early.


This is another indicator of wrongness – again taken in June – July when the ponds should’ve been replete with clear rainwater.  Instead, the heat has exacerbated the rotting of vegetation on the floor of the ponds and the surface is filled with algae.  I haven’t been able to take any photos using reflection for quite a while (though am planning to go down later today, so cross your fingers that the water is clear).

A palm tree.  Why is this wrong?  They are not native to Western Australia – except maybe way up north and on the coast.  They are bad for the soil, for anything else growing around them and don’t really offer shelter or food for our native birds – and many of them are heading toward extinction.

Two urban views – one of Beaufort Street in MtLawleyShire, and one of the city – outlines which include the serrated frond leaves of palms.  They give a completely wrong impression of the city – it is not a tropical area.  Subtropical (used to be temperate, but I think that is changing).


This?  This is sunsetty light reflecting – blaring! – from the windows of a skyscraper you can see from one of my favourite cafes on Beaufort Street in MtLawleyShire.  It looks quite alien over the foliage 🙂

And this?  I took this last night and the light in the lane outside the college where I am doing some casual ESL teaching was much too low.  The colours of the sunset through the trees was magical, but – there wasn’t enough light, as I said.  But the blur ended up resembling shadows – trees and crane look as though they are casting shadows onto the sky which is a delightfully skewed idea.  Wrong & I love it 😀

I am looking forward to seeing other entries for this challenge – because it was.  A challenge 😀