more raindrops in MtLawleyShire’s garden

It was wet for the last few days.  A delight – rain!  The rain was persistent, but light, so there wasn’t that much.  Enough, however, for gathering raindrops.

Jasmine leaves in light and shadow:

garden_1   garden_2

garden_6  garden_6

drops_7  drops_12

drops_15  drops_16

even enhancing a dead leaf:


on jasmine tendrils:



garden_1  garden_4  garden_2

garden_5  drops_5

drops_6  drops_2


on spider plant flowers and buds and the dangling dead ends:

garden_3   garden_4


these could be ear rings! :

garden_7  garden_8

drops_1  drops_3

on bottlebrush leaves and twigs:

drops_9  drops_10


and on leaves of a nameless but much loved potted tree:

drops_13 drops_14

Now, if there was more rain….

Raindrops in MtLawleyShire

On that same Friday, in my garden, raindrops be-gemmed things:

lemon grass bejeweled:


tiny Chives flowers:

garden_4   garden_5


rose bud:

garden_7  garden_8

beautifying a rose past its best:

garden_9  garden_10


rose leaves, although munched by a grasshopper, took on extra beauty:

garden_6  garden_11

and can you shee him? Sheltering beneath the leaf:

garden_12 garden_13

and gleaming on buhenia leaves:


We have had more rain since, so there will be another post or two…


Raindrops on a wet Friday out of MtLawleyShire

This was at Easter, on Good Friday and I was in the city at a convention.  But before I went in, there was a chance for photos.

The street trees are paperbarks and their blossoms were out.

city_6  city_7

city_5  city_11

The rain clung to the delicate leaves:

city_12  city_13


and dripped off the bark:


everywhere there were raindrops: on the thick steel railings outside a cafe:

city_1  city_2

on a window:


gathered in a telephone cover in the footpath:


the city itself had almost disappeared in the light rain, even though I was standing in amongst the buildings:


and the river was a myth:


It was lovely 🙂




MtLawleyShire 2016 calendars #4: waterdrops on roses

This is a ‘specialty’ post – I hae had one enquiry for such photos.  Doesn’t mean no-one else can enjoy them 🙂  Most of these would be included in a calendar.

Roses after rain.


2016_calendar_rose_1  2016_calendar_rose_2

2016_calendar_rose_3  2016_calendar_rose_4

2016_calendar_rose_8  2016_calendar_rose_15

Deeper red:


2016_calendar_rose_11  2016_calendar_rose_14


Yellow and apricot roses:

2016_calendar_rose_6  2016_calendar_rose_12

2016_calendar_rose_10  2016_calendar_rose_9


& one lone pink (that’s in my garden):



They are pretty.  It has not, I have learned on going through my photos, rained a lot this year at all 😦

But these are pretty 🙂

MtLawleyShire 2016 calendars #3 – Raindrops

Many people have asked about a calendar of raindrop photos, so here is a selection.  It’s been difficult choosing them.  Again, there are too many for one calendar, so these are the photos most likely to appear in a calendar.

raindrops on jasmine leaves:

2016_calendar_1  2016_calendar_4

2016_calendar_2  2016_calendar_9

2016_calendar_14  2016_calendar_3

jasmine flowers:

2016_calendar_7  2016_calendar_8

Jasmine tendrils:


2016_calendar_5  2016_calendar_6


rosemary flowers:

2016_calendar_13  2016_calendar_15


beautifying the dead ends of plants:

2016_calendar_26  2016_calendar_22

glowing on grass:

2016_calendar_17  2016_calendar_18

on small tree spines:

2016_calendar_19  2016_calendar_31

on bottlebrush:

2016_calendar_24  2016_calendar_25

on tulips:

2016_calendar_11  2016_calendar_29

2016_calendar_36  2016_calendar_37


on magnolia:

2016_calendar_10  2016_calendar_30

poppies & nasturtium:

2016_calendar_33 2016_calendar_35



There were so many to choose from.  I won’t be able to use all of these.  sigh.

If you want a calendar filled with raindrops, let me know 🙂


Mid-October Rain in MtLawleyShire

It rained today – in an October that has seen more dryness and heat than is normal.  So I celebrate with a page of photos of raindrops.

On leaves of jasmine:


drops_6  drops_10

drops_12  drops_13

on jasmine flowers:

drops_2  drops_5

drops_3  drops_11

drops_17  drops_16

on leaves of dragon trees:


petunia leaves:


on dead tendrils:

drops_14  drops_18

on petunia flowers:

flowers_7  flowers_9

scorched roses:

flowers_2  flowers_4

daisies (& the alien exotic is a hoarder, even when barely open):

flowers_1  flowers_8

magnolia bud:


and on Bauhinia buds & flowers:

flowers_3   flowers_6


Raindrops in MtLawleyShire

And not much more than raindrops.  Our promised rain amounted to 1.8 mm in MtLawleyShire – which is barely enough to wet the soil.

It was good for some photos, though other areas of my wee courtyard remained quite dry.

the daisies received some of the glittering bounty:

flower_1  flower_2

the alien exotic hoarded:


and the rosebud was gifted:


the ‘wild’ parsley caught some, as did the empty hook:

drops_29  drops_1

but mostly, the drops were entangled in the now flowering jasmine – amass of flowers and sparkles, leaves, tendrils and tangles:


some closer shots of leaves and tendrils and buds:

drops_4  drops_3

drops_17  drops_28

drops_7  drops_18



drops_5  drops_23

& I love this shot!


Now to the flowers:

drops_8  drops_22


drops_15  drops_16

drops_10  drops_11

drops_20  drops_2

drops_6  drops_24


drops_21  drops_25

and this – epitome of a pure white jasmine flower:


Rain in MtLawleyShire

In complete contrast with yesterday’s summery temperatures, today was wind and rain and cold!

But rain – in the garden is my delight, as it leaves gems on hanging tendrils and fronds:

drops_1  drops_10

on tiny flowers and leaves:

drops_11  drops_8

hidden behind leaves they gleam and dripping from leaves:

drops_3  drops_6

clinging to woody jasmine stems:

drops_2  drops_4

gleaming in budding leaf clusters:

drops_5  drops_12

in the shadows:


and on small groups of freesias refusing to bend beneath the rainfall


Rain in MtLawleyShire

It’s the last day of Winter, by the calendar at least, as Spring has been here for a couple of weeks or more.  But it is a suitably wintry day with rain and wind and gloom, though at the moment it’s sunny.

But when it rains, I love to go out with the camera and see what I can catch.  It was too windy to be really successful, but I caught a few amidst the rain and gloom.  I love it when I actually get the rain:


amidst the wind, there were moments of stillness where I caught raindrops on jasmine leaves:

drops_3  drops_4

on hanging remains of spider plant fronds:

drops_2  drops_11

on leaves of dead spider plant fronds and the ends of jasmine twigs:

drops_10  drops_7

on the loops limbs of jasmine branches:


on the thin fronds of tiger trees:


on the petals of a nasturtium and amongst clumps of unbowed freesia:

drops_9  drops_6

& then the sun came out:


Far from MtLawleyShire #2: raindrops

This is the 2nd post of photos from my excursion to Araluen Botanic Gardens, and as I mentioned in my first post, it was raining.  Frequently, heavily every now and then, but there were clear spaces.  Time enough for photos of raindrops on things.

In tulips:

araluen_drops_1  araluen_drops_21

On tulips and stems:

araluen_drops_3 araluen_drops_4

on their petals:

araluen_drops_2  araluen_drops_7


on buds (one is a close-up of the other):

araluen_drops_5  araluen_drops_6

on tulip leaves:

araluen_drops_9  araluen_drops_8

on other flowers:

araluen_drops_22 araluen_drops_10

on magnolia twigs:

araluen_drops_11  araluen_drops_12

on a conifer type:

araluen_drops_14  araluen_drops_15

on a variety of twigs:

araluen_drops_19  araluen_drops_17

araluen_drops_16  araluen_drops_18

and finally, the slender blades of a grass tree: