Mid-October Rain in MtLawleyShire

It rained today – in an October that has seen more dryness and heat than is normal.  So I celebrate with a page of photos of raindrops.

On leaves of jasmine:


drops_6  drops_10

drops_12  drops_13

on jasmine flowers:

drops_2  drops_5

drops_3  drops_11

drops_17  drops_16

on leaves of dragon trees:


petunia leaves:


on dead tendrils:

drops_14  drops_18

on petunia flowers:

flowers_7  flowers_9

scorched roses:

flowers_2  flowers_4

daisies (& the alien exotic is a hoarder, even when barely open):

flowers_1  flowers_8

magnolia bud:


and on Bauhinia buds & flowers:

flowers_3   flowers_6


4 comments on “Mid-October Rain in MtLawleyShire

  1. Satima Flavell says:

    Lovely pics, as usual, Keira! You make suburbia look like paradise!

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  2. niasunset says:

    What a beautiful set, fascinated me dear Keira, Thank you. Have a nice day and new week, love, nia

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