MtLawleyShire 2016 calendars #3 – Raindrops

Many people have asked about a calendar of raindrop photos, so here is a selection.  It’s been difficult choosing them.  Again, there are too many for one calendar, so these are the photos most likely to appear in a calendar.

raindrops on jasmine leaves:

2016_calendar_1  2016_calendar_4

2016_calendar_2  2016_calendar_9

2016_calendar_14  2016_calendar_3

jasmine flowers:

2016_calendar_7  2016_calendar_8

Jasmine tendrils:


2016_calendar_5  2016_calendar_6


rosemary flowers:

2016_calendar_13  2016_calendar_15


beautifying the dead ends of plants:

2016_calendar_26  2016_calendar_22

glowing on grass:

2016_calendar_17  2016_calendar_18

on small tree spines:

2016_calendar_19  2016_calendar_31

on bottlebrush:

2016_calendar_24  2016_calendar_25

on tulips:

2016_calendar_11  2016_calendar_29

2016_calendar_36  2016_calendar_37


on magnolia:

2016_calendar_10  2016_calendar_30

poppies & nasturtium:

2016_calendar_33 2016_calendar_35



There were so many to choose from.  I won’t be able to use all of these.  sigh.

If you want a calendar filled with raindrops, let me know 🙂