Weekly Photo Challenge – Merge


This was a difficult Weekly Photo Challenge as I have nothing fancy in my photographs. I haven’t got that far with editing skills.  And I am also a little short of time, but I saw The Urge to Wander’s Post and though – well, maybe.


The merging of air and water: RAIN!

It is almost the end of winter in Perth and we have had less than half our average of winter rainfall.  So I celebrate it.

This time, I was in Hyde Park when it rained, and it was only a brief shower:


And here, I caught the merging of rain fall and sunlight on the tree and one of the ponds:

Then there is the daily merging of dark and light, night and day, and in this photo, there is the additional merging of moisture and winds to make a magnificent thundercloud catching sunsetty light.  The cloud is in the couth east:

These two are the merging of day and night also – clouds catching the last of the sunlight, and in the first, merging it to the soft pastels of winter:


This last is a glorious winter sunset with the rays of the setting sun merging with moisture in the air to blast colour into the darkening sky, merging the nearest clouds into a like-minded brilliance.

Hmm.  Not a brilliant interpretation, I am thinking, but I hope you enjoyed my entry into this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge.

& I would’ve linked more but apparently, I’m limited to 10.