MtLawleyshire’s Hyde Park in Autumn

I took a break from my studies and risked it – I went down to Hyde Park yesterday – a sunny day after days of rain & storm.  We had more rain in 2 days than for almost the entire year (I exaggerate – a little!)  And though its is difficult o find the beauty that I found last year – trees without their graceful bows over the water, an island stripped of everything, construction and barriers and sand piles everywhere, there was beauty.

the first of the Moreton Bay figs as I enter the park.  I love this tree – so straight & sculptural.

hydepark_1  Hydepark_2

The path side of the plane trees – beginning to show their shape amidst the gold of their Autumn leaves


For the first time in a long time, there is water in the ponds.  Sadly, there was quite a bit of wind, so no reflection, but this tree is still lovely.


leaves & a coot in the western pond.


The Western island, with most of its growth left intact, reflected in the water.  And with Autumn leaves visible in the water.

Hydepark_4  Hydepark_6

Along the western edge of the western pond: golden trees and leaves

This isn’t as clear as I wanted, but it goes catch the fall of light through the leaves – it really was golden


He had been hunting – I caught him eating what he caught



Hydepark_5  Hydepark_20


Views of autumnal plane trees

Hydepark_15  Hydepark_17


Autumn leaves & the willow

Hydepark_19  Hydepark_14

A Moreton Bay fig on the William St edge of the park


Light and shadows in the massed foliage from beneath a Moreton Bay


And as I left, from the other side of William Street, outside of Hyde Park, I saw this – the errant fall of light on the foliage of a young Jacaranda, turning them almost incandescent in the shadows  behind one of the massive conifer.


I hope ou enjoyed this.  I am looking forward to finishing my studies so I can return to this – photographing and posting.

10 comments on “MtLawleyshire’s Hyde Park in Autumn

  1. Nici says:

    Beautiful! Makes me wish to be there to see it first hand. Hard to believe it’s autumn where you are. It’s *supposed* to be spring in the US…right now it feels more like autumn and the skies have been too dreary to take many pictures of. And our brief warmup didn’t leave enough time for me to go exploring amongst all the nature MI has to offer for other pictures as of yet.


    • thank you! Yes, parts of it are lovely, though it is changing & in parts not for the better. For the moment, it is possible to get these shots & the light that day was wonderful. I hope you get Spring soon. Here, althougn it is cold tonight, will be a warm winter. Hopefully we will get enough rain. But I love Autumn, although as a season, it will probably vanish over the next few years, except perhaps for these ‘exotic’ trees sticking to their ancient ritual of ‘fall’ 🙂


  2. Anna says:

    Keira what beauties! Thank you. Our blog posts show very opposite our realities are at the moment! Almost comical; me celebrating the blossom and you the serene autumn light. 🙂


    • ’tis a nice type of symmetry 🙂 But that’s how it’s supposed to be, and this year, in Perth at least, we are having Autumn with rain & storms. There were storms for 2 days before I went down tere. 90mm of rain in 2 days. Bloody wonderful! All my water catching bins are full – though as I am probably having to leave my beloved mtlawleyshire, all my caught water will be wasted :-/

      glad you liked the light though. It was wonderful.


  3. Wendy Strahan says:

    The light is wonderful in these images Kiera. Thank you for them 🙂


    • thaks Wendy – it was a pretty afternoon on Saturday. It is difficult to take good photos but I needed to see the Autumn leaves. I probably won’t be in this area next Autumn, which is such a sad thing 😦


  4. Joanna Fay says:

    ‘Incandescent’ is right, Keira. Beautiful, soft light varations. Thank you xoxo


    • yeah – some of the light was lovely but that particular shot? I was amazed to see it, amidst the darker more sombre greens of the afternoon. Glad you liked it, Jo xx


  5. Madhu says:

    Love the light in these images Keira. Haven’t been receiving your notifications, hope all is well with you 🙂


    • I loved the light too – & thank you. All is disastrous, but mostly I’m working very hard. It’s a while since I’ve posted. I skim people’s blogs & will catch up in a few months time. I’m longing to look through yours – so many tantalizing hints & photos!


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