MtLawleyShire Sunset – Orange

Sunset on Tuesday 23 April 2013.

Magnificent.  It went from a sky with a ripple of clouds like sand beneath the waves, gold amidst the blue:

sunset_11  sunset_37

sunset_25    sunset_39

the gold intensifying:

sunset_36  sunset_21

sunset_38  sunset_40

sunset_41  sunset_24

pink coming in as the sun completed its descent

sunset_17  sunset_12

& then other clouds turning into impressionist paintings of day and fire and light

sunset_7  sunset_3


with clouds

sunset_8 sunset_9

sunset_10  sunset_1

sunset_15  sunset_13

sunset_14  sunset_16

sunset_18 sunset_19

before deepening into intensity

sunset_27  sunset_35

sunset_20  sunset_22

sunset_26    sunset_4

sunset_6  sunset_33

sunset_31  sunset_34

sunset_28  sunset_5

fading and leaving the sky mostly clear



And finally, the moon

tonight's moon

4 comments on “MtLawleyShire Sunset – Orange

  1. niasunset says:

    Oh dear Keira, I know and I can understand you, it is same for me too. Even there is no chance at the sea side too without taking pictures with them… Especially in this crazy city, growing so fast… I can’t catch… You are welcome dear, but you know, you are doing great shots with sunset moments and I love them. Love, nia


    • thank you, dearest Nia 🙂 And this city as well – road works and building works everywhere, even my beloved Hyde Park is a ruin of sand and tractors and earthmoving and trees pruned and areas with every living thing removed. Terrible.
      I sometimes think that the people with money forget what it is like to live with the sound of birds, with silence, with the colour and scent of green


  2. niasunset says:

    Amazing moments you captured again dear Keira. How beautiful images of sunset. But to be honest I hate to see wire, cable in the photographs, I have so many in my own ohotographs too, sometimes I try to erase them on photoshop but not easy most of them. Seems that it is not possible to take a photograph without them. Thank you, love, nia


    • Thank you, Nia 🙂 Sadly. living where I do, there is no aspect free of wires, street lighting and so on. So, I makethem a feature. THey form frames or perspective against which the hugeness of sunsets is present and undeniable. So many people photograph sunsets over the sea, but most of us spend our lives in cities and suburbs – to me, the sunset is the more powerful. Sometimes, the wires and such are an annoyance, but usually, that is because I can’t get the right angle. So, I live with it. I’m glad you liked it apart from that. Thank you, Keira xxx


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