Mtlawleyshire and raindrops

My canon lens does wonderful macros.  I have been playing with raindrops – mostly in the garden.  It requires such precise conditions: sunshine at a precise time (11 ish in the morning) so it reaches my courtyard just after rain:


A raindrop on a jasmine stem refracting house and cloudy sky & catching a little light while refracting the garden

raindrops_1  raindrops_8

the best of the drops on jasmine: light exploding around refracted garden:


raindrops on parsley flowers:


raindrops_5  raindrops_2


on nasturtium leaves:

raindrops_7  raindrops_12

a parsley leaf bejewelled and on a needle of a native hibiscus:

raindrops_14  raindrops_4


raindrops_17  raindrops_9


one drop on a native violet and tiny drops caught in a bud of lavender:

raindrops_6  raindrops_15

and outside the confines of my courtyard: a beautiful rose-bud with extra beauty, and on the buds of a Geraldton Wax

raindrops_3          raindrops_13


There won’t be many more of these – we are having a dry warm end to winter and a dry warm early Spring.


12 comments on “Mtlawleyshire and raindrops

  1. They’re terrific, Keira. Fun to capture the sunshine in a raindrop. 🙂


  2. Inga says:

    Gorgeous drops 🙂


  3. niasunset says:

    WOW! Amazing raindrops you captured, loved them all. Thank you dear Keira, love, nia


  4. golappan says:

    Reblogged this on clickdpic and commented:
    Simply love it!!!!


  5. elizz says:

    lovely photos.. i love how the rain bead glisten when kissed by some sunlight


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