Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

This Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouettes presented a challenge only in that I had so many photos that made a potential fit.  So I have tried to choose the most unusual.


Ravens silhouetted against the sky, and black cockatoos flying across sunset:

sil_1  sil_18

Parts of the city silhouetted against sunrise:

sil_11  sil_13

tree, street light & magpie, and trees: silhouetted against oncoming storm:

sil_4  sil_14

wintered tallow trees silhouetted against sunset and evening eastern sky:

sil_7  sil_10

Flame trees: silhouetted against cloud and river, and against sunset:

sil_5  sil_6

leaves silhouetted against a foggy morning:


buds and branches against sunset sky and evening sky:

sil_9  sil_15

suburb silhouetted against a flirtatious night lifting her deep velvet blue skirt to show the last of sunset:


experiments with the moon:

sil_8  sil_19

en fin, one more of those black cockatoos, silhouetted against a magical sunset:



I hope you have enjoyed my occasionally loose interpretations of this Weekly Photo Challenge


8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

  1. i hate curating a ‘favourites’ file, so I’m glad you let your fancy show us a nice selection, Keira! I didn’t notice you back, so glad you popped by. Hope everything’s been ok and you’ve finished that thesis?


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the selection – most of them are from the last few months. And no – haven’t finished 😀 There have been the most complicated string of problems, many of which were/are not of my doing. Very frustrating. Am in the finishing stretch now. Glad you liked the selection 🙂 And how are you? How is your new world?
      I’m glad I’ve sorted my technical problem and can be part of the blogging world again. It was so frustrating!


  2. My favourite is the branches with the moon in the centre, I like the shapes the branches and leaves make.


  3. Tina Schell says:

    Love both of your flying bird shots especially. Such a difficult capture considering the darkness!


  4. Van ikin says:

    Yes, I suppose they are somewhat loose interpretations, but that helps to make them more interesting and more engaging. The initial ravens picture was a “strict” interpretation (to my mind, anyway) so the sequence is nicely structured in the way it moves to looser/freer approaches. Well done, and nice to see the postings resuming….
    – Van


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