Unoffical Weekly photo challenge: Summer

From Alisa at where’smybackpack comes another unofficial weekly photo challenge: Summer.

No – there are no trees in this photo.  Summer in south west of Western Australia is  not a great time.  I did not go to where 400 year old trees died in 2 weeks from the heat – approx 20,000 of them.  I did not go down south where bushfires decimated the karri forests of ancient trees – wiping out the homes of the very endangered black cockatoo, wiping out their food.  They come up here, eat the wrong food and die.  I don’t usually take photos of flowers burnt by the sun before they’re fully open.

So, there are not many photos, but some:

smoke over the river, shrouding the city during the south west bushfire:

and the sunset the next day:

The ponds in the park drying out as the ground water levels drop, causing salinity to rise, which slowly kills the great conifers in the park:

Then there are the sunsets: magnificent – burning with red heat:

or malevolent, heavy with threat, trapping the heat and the rain intimated by the clouds never comes:


and there is nowhere cool in my house at night – she spreads herself on the kitchen floor:

No – I don’t enjoy Summer in Perth.

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