Mtlawleyshire’s foggy morning

Last Friday Perth had a rare foggy morning.  It doesn’t happen often, maybe once a year and I was working, so I was out of bed!!  I ran outside with camera before getting ready for work.

Normally, the city is visible at the end of the street – not this morning though!


Place where I take sunset photos framed soft nothingness rather than sky:

fog_6  fog_7

& the details of things normally almost invisible, like spiderwebs, were clearer:


And details of small things: water drops on a nasturtium growing on a neighbour’s wall:

fog_2  fog_1

fog_3  fog_14


Grass blades:

fog_13  fog_17


fog_4  fog_18


Then it was off to work.  These are taken looking over a park opposite the college:

fog_10  fog_11

and even after the fog had lifted, there were still drops of water caught in the flowers:

flower_3  flower_5


It was a wonderful morning, and I hope these photos give you a taste of the beauty of a foggy morning.