Christmas Eve in MtLawleyShire

It was Christmas Eve.

More than that. it was goodbye to my little camera.  It had developed a problem in its sensor and was no longer very good with sunsets or images in other than bright light.

I took it on my walks that day and photographed petunias in my cousin’s garden

crumpled petals

White Grevillea and wattle flowering over someone’s fence

white grevillia  pretty in the wind

a rose and more wattle

against the sky wattle

Grevillea flowering in the corner outside someone’s garden wall

two grevillia  Grevillia

and the red flowering gum, flowering like a Christmas tree

flowering tree on Walcott St close up of flowering tree

Sunset from my friend’s front garden: the creeping red an indication of the beginning of the heatwave due to start on Christmas Day

gold into dark  through trees

heat beyond the trees       threat of heat tomorrow

and on the way home: the glow behind the city and from outside my house

glow behind the city  dusk on Christmas Eve

then into my courtyard:

Christmas courtyard_4  Christmas courtyard_2

It feels like stepping *inside* a Christmas tree 🙂

Christmas courtyard_3  christmas courtyard_1

And this – the most special photo of them all: the moon on Christmas Eve and the last photo from my little camera.

Goodbye little Powershot sx120.  You taught me a lot.

Christmas Eve moon

I am sorry I have been so quiet.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with light, laughter and joy.

Keira 🙂