Far from MtLawleyShire #1 Flowers.

Far far from MtLawleyShire’s most extreme borders is Araluen Botanic Gardens.  It is set within the slow rising of land towards the Darling Escarpment, south-east of Perth.  It’s a good hour on good highways from the city, so a fair distance.  It is not exactly a native flora park, though set within some lovely bushland.  Araluen Gardens are famous for their tulips, so, despite the weather (rain & storms) and friend and I went.

and it was lovely.  Rainy, gloomy, but lovely.  And filled with flowers, trees and raindrops on things.

This first post is Araluen’s flowers.

There were azalea and camellia

araluen_2  araluen_5

araluen_3 araluen_4

wattles and trees in blossom & the occasional native beauty:

araluen_6 araluen_7


english violets (well, that’s what I call them):


poppies weighed down with rain:


araluen_33  araluen_34

a magnolia tree:

araluen_40  araluen_28

araluen_30  araluen_29

but the main attraction was the tulips.  The massed beds of single and mixed colour (the reds were especially vibrant):

araluen_10  araluen_14

araluen_17  araluen_13

araluen_16  araluen_19

araluen_24  araluen_31

araluen_15  araluen_35

and the individual flowers themselves:

araluen_9  araluen_8

araluen_12  araluen_18

araluen_22  araluen_21

araluen_23  araluen_11

araluen_25  araluen_36

araluen_26  araluen_27