MtLawleyShire’s Roses in December – Red and Pink

Red roses are iconic and there is no shortage of them in the gardens around MtLawleyShire.  They range from light to the deepest of red, from small to large, majestic blooms:

this one has a touch of apricot:


and this a softness:

buds glowing in strong sunlight:

flower_3  flower_2

flower_4  flower_3


flower_4  flower_25

buds in shadow:

flower_1  flower_5

flower_3  flower_2

and opening out into beauty in sunlight and shadow:

flower_5  flower_26

flower_33  flower_2

flower_4  flower_3

flower_6  flower_4

flower_3  flower_5

flower_2  flower_1

flower_2  flower_18

flower_5  flower_1



MtLawleyShire’s Roses in December White, Pinks and Apricots

There are not many white roses here – this one glowing from shadow:


and now the march to colour.  These flecked with crimson:

flower_2  flower_3

pale pinks and yellow:

flower_10  flower_7

more pale pinks amongst the white:

flower_9  flower_8

more pink than white:

flower_6  flower_7

flower_5  flower_10

darker pink:

flower_4  flower_7

flower_2  flower_2


and apricot in the sun:

flower_4   flower_3

flower_2  flower_1