MtLawleyShire’s Fattee cattee – For Nia

Some of the moods of my darling Fattee Cattee over the last month:

Relaxed, lying on the driveway:

cat_1 cat_2


walking up the driveway:


waiting for me in her favourite position – underneath the car:


sitting, waiting for me to finish sunset photos:

cat_7  cat_8

cat_3  cat_4

in a dry part of the garden (wanting her lemon grass):

cat_5 cat_7

Looking sulky because there is no lemon grass:

cat_1  cat_2

in the evening:


Sprawled, sleeping on one of her favourite perches in the house – on a low table:

late morning

and on those 40 degree F days, lying on the kitchen floor because it’s cooler than outside:


7 comments on “MtLawleyShire’s Fattee cattee – For Nia

  1. Awww…too cute! ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃

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  2. niasunset says:

    Have a nice dreams… Nite Nite 🙂


  3. niasunset says:

    Oh dear Keira, she is so lovely, I missed her so much 🙂 I know she always waits for you from the work… But I can’t believe my eyes, is there a fish pool behind her? Really… she is a peaceful cat… should be like that… fishes are alive… not in her stomach 🙂 Thannk you dear Keira, you made my day, Blessing and Happiness to you both and cool weather… soon it will be autumn… Love you so much, nia

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    • I was looking after my neighbour’s fish in their tank for a couple of months, so she is sitting n front of the tank. And she didn’t eat them! she was very interested though 😀

      I am glad you enjoyed all those photos. 🙂 she is my darling indeed! She and I will be going to bed soon. Have a lovely day. And I hope Spring comes soon for you.
      Keira xxx

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