A Summer Sunset over MtLawleyShire

It start gold and uncertain

sunset_1  sunset_3

swathes of cloud offered promise

sunset_2  sunset_4

and soon became great sweeps of gilded cream against the wash of crimson on the western horizon:

sunset_5 sunset_6

sunset_7 sunset_8

sunset_9 sunset_10

and the light lowered, the sweeps of cream became gold and powerful

sunset_11 sunset_12

dominating the sky in powerful washes

sunset_13 sunset_14

sunset_15 sunset_16


as the light departed, they deepened into waves across the sky

sunset_19 sunset_20

a desert upended

sunset_21 sunset_22

rolling and rich

sunset_23 sunset_24

the sky washed clean light blue and green is a wonderful contrast against rich reds and golds

sunset_25 sunset_26

sunset_27 sunset_28

and across the evening, the ibis flew home


birds_2  birds_3

birds_4  birds_5


even in detail, the sky retains the sand dune appearance


sunset_30 sunset_31

as day departs, the hues alter, become richer, more vibrant,

sunset_32 sunset_33


sunset_34 sunset_35

the untidy tatters of neon pink to the north-west contrasted with the red golds of those sweeping clouds

sunset_36 sunset_37

but all things end, especially sunsets and as light departs, it gives a rich gift, deepening the colours

sunset_38 sunset_39

sunset_40 sunset_41

changing them in some areas to crimson, and leaving the sky beneath the tattered veil of receding crimson and red, almost green and pale blue.

sunset_42 sunset_43

All clean for the next day.

8 comments on “A Summer Sunset over MtLawleyShire

  1. moonstone88 says:

    Beautiful thank you Keira 🌈🙏🏼🌷🐾

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  2. niasunset says:

    You are welcome dear Keira. Mostly I don’t watch TV because of the sad news… my blood tension rising. So I haven’t known how the summer there… I am sorry for this. I can’t imagine how it would be summer in here this year. We are in winter living like an early summer days… strange… it is strange… Take care of yourself don’t stay under the sun… Yes, as I mentioned above the news is not good in here… Political matters and people dying… I am still in the city the end of winter we want to move again to village home… Thank you, and where is your cat ? Hope doing well. Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

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  3. niasunset says:

    Beautiful Australian summer skies… I love your photographs. Thank you dear Keira, how is going your summer days, hope you are in holiday. Love, nia


    • thank you, Nia! We have had a terrible summer – very hot, many fires, so much heartbreak. But there have been some lovely sunsets recently and tonight’s was really spectacular. The weather has turned humid though not as hot, so we have a little respite till the next heatwave.
      I hope you are well, especially as I hear all the worrying news from Turkey. I think of you often and am glad you are no longer living in one of the big cities. Take care of you & your lovely cat. Keira xxx

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