A shrouded moon over MtLawleyShire

Enclouded even in the late afternoon, the moon tonight, three quarters full, was not to be swallowed entirely



The early evening merely pulled in more cloud:

moon_2 moon_4


from a distance, she dominates the sky:


and almost clear in the early evening, she gleams;


only to be almost swallowed by cloud in the next moment:


then the glorious light from departing day gilded her face through the light cloud:

moon_9 moon_10

moon_12 moon_13

and as light departed, despite the cloud, she gleamed stronger.  Here she is almost clear of cloud:

moon_11  moon_14

But it didn’t last, though the cloud made a lovely halo

moon_15 moon_16


and this last one – almost clear in her proper dark – tonight’s beautiful moon


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  1. moonstone88 says:

    Beautiful mistress moon thank you

    Can’t remember my password to post to your blog. Nz uncle died tonight, out in my alcove … Saw gorgeous moon earlier, full Monday.. Good night to be a black feline.

    Bon nuit Nicola

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