MtLawleyShire’s answer to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Vibrancy is everywhere, in the built & natural environments, and my difficulty in meeting this Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant was in picking the shots.

There are flowers – vibrant in reds, yellows:

opulent red rose and dandelion flower gleaming with rain drops

vibrant_1  vibrant_5

red hibiscus bright with recent rain & light through sunflower petals (& a bee in the centre)

vibrant_6  vibrant_17

the astonishing scarlet of the Illawarra Flame tree against the vibrant blue of a Perth summer sky:

vibrant_21  vibrant_16

Sunsets.  They can have the most vibrant of colours:

In the west:

vibrant_14  vibrant_13

sunset light highlighting amazing clouds in the east (on a day of terrible bushfires that destroyed a town)

vibrant_23  vibrant_24

more of those clouds streaming over the neighbourhood:

vibrant_7   vibrant_22

Scattered vibrancy in reds, oranges and a brilliant crimson:

vibrant_12  vibrant_15

Then there is the built environment, both external and internal:

The vibrancy of light on buildings contrasted by glared out blue skies:

vibrant_20  vibrant_3

late sunlight on an overly tall beachside hotel:


internal environments have vibrancy as well:

umbrellas in an arcade (no, I don’t know why either):



vibrant_8  vibrant_11

ceiling decorations in a city arcade:

vibrant_9 vibrant_10

steps up to the cultural plaza in Perth:


and finally – the vibrancy of light hitting a raindrop after a storm:


I hope you enjoyed my entry 🙂

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