MtLawleyShire meets the Bunny

The Bunny is actually a wee possum being fostered (since he was little bigger than a peanut) by a friend of mine.

Here are a few pics of him when he was just a little more than a wee peanut of a possum

possum possum_2

possum_3  possum_4


And here he is now, a week off ‘soft release’ – that is, released into an enclosure containing more natural surroundings which will eventually be left open for him to enter the big wide world.  Food will still be provided in the enclosure, but eventually, he won’t return.  This doesn’t always work.  Apparently, where he is going, there is a lady possum who has never left and gives the newcomers all sorts of grief 😀

coming out of his ‘ouch’ in his cage:

possum_2  possum_30



clinging to mum’s arm

possum_4 possum_5


Really not sure about that shutter click – he got over his fear of the camera after he snuffled over it and clambered onto the lens 😀


shenanigans in and out of the cage:

possum_8  possum_9

clinging to mum’s arm again:

possum_10 possum_11

& looking at me

possum_12 possum_13

swinging on the cage door & tempted by the thought mum might have some munchies (there was a rose which he shredded but all the photos were of remarkable clear rose and speed-blurred possum)


on mum’s wrist:


little cutie 🙂


antics and furry tummy 🙂

possum_17 possum_18

possum_19 possum_20


Wot’s that, mum?  Yummy?

possum_22 possum_23

possum_24 possum_25

possum_26 possum_27

I love this one 🙂  Mum & Bunny


such a dear little one.  I wish him long & happy life 🙂