A slow MtLawleyShire sunset

After an oppressively hot day, the late afternoon clouded over.  It looked like rain, but there was none, although it was much cooler:


a group of ibis flew across the clouded sky towards their roost:

birds_1 birds_2

birds_3 birds_4

birds_5 birds_6

and in the west, the sun was shrouded, casting a ring across striations of cloud:

susnet_1  sunset_3

As it sank lower, it was reflected in, then seemed to bend the clouds, creating interesting shades amidst the layers:

sunset_2  sunset_4

sunset_5  sunset_6

A hint of colour, sullen embers marking the meeting with the far horizon:

sunset_7  sunset_8


barely making a reflection in art deco windows:

sunset_9  sunset_11

I waited a few moments, but the day became duller.  I returned inside, uploaded the photos, checked outside and



The sky had exploded into late opulence:

sunset_14  sunset_15

flaring crimson waves of light:


an upturned desert of red:


and it began to fade into purples and pinks:

sunset_17  sunset_21

washing the lower part of the sky:

sunset_20  sunset_22

leaving a luminous glow far down on the horizon:


Reflecting the heat, but hopefully not for tomorrow.  This was a selection from what was a remarkable and beautiful sunset, from subtle to outrageous 🙂

4 comments on “A slow MtLawleyShire sunset

  1. Inga says:

    That’s truly beautiful! I love the minimalistic bird shots too 😊👍

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    • thank you 🙂 There was another very interesting sunset tonight – with more minimalist bird shots, but in colour this time. Perhaps I wll post a selection 🙂


  2. Anna says:

    Well worth waiting for :-). I hope the rain situation is OK with you? No drought?


    • thank you 🙂 and it’s difficult to say what’s drought and what’s normal. We hardly had any rain this winter, almost none in Spring and had a very early start to the heat so I’m not sure when it last rained properly. Some parts of teh country haven’t had rain for years and vast parts are in a drought declared state. I do hate summer. More and more every year. and it will just get worse. Sigh. Enjoy your winter. 🙂


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