A MtLawleyShire resident: Charlie and the flowers

In my neighbourhood live many cats, and many I have becomes friends with.  the most special of these is Charlie who lives with his mum in the very spot I love taking autumn, winter & early Spring sunset photos from.

He is a cheeky boy, is young Charlie.  He is a year older than my Fattee Cattee (which make shim about 8) and has his mum wrapped around his little claw.

This evening, he was in a very playful mood.  He often is, but I haven’t ever seen him like this before.  I think he originally saw something in the clump of everlastings – maybe a skink or a gecko.  Whatever it was, it escaped and Charlie continued playing with the flowers.  Some of the photos are blurred because they are ‘action shots’ and he is being a fast, furious kitty 😀


What’s in there?

charlie_1 charlie_2

there’s something in there – I heard it!

charlie_3 charlie_4

come out! come out!

charlie_5 charlie_6


I’ll pretend not to be looking…


Ha!  I’ve got…


I was sure it was in there

charlie_10 charlie_11

Has to be in there


I’ll get you…


What?  What are you looking at….


there is something in here.  There is.  There is!

charlie_15 charlie_16

lovely flowers, pretty flowers….la la la…


No – he caught not a thing, but the flowers were somewhat depleted so he leapt away, quite pleased with himself.  Him mum laughed and observed she might have to do something about them tomorrow as they were looking rather worse for wear!

6 comments on “A MtLawleyShire resident: Charlie and the flowers

  1. niasunset says:

    Charlie so lovely and especially I loved how you captured with the flowers… Amazing. Thank you, love, nia


  2. great story action shots Keira. Perhaps there was some catnip in the daisy bush.


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