MtLawleyShire’s Fattee Cattee

It’s been a while since I was able to take some decent shorts of my Fattee Cattee, though she no longer deserves that name – she is a beautifully svelte girl these days.

Today was calmer, with spots of sun, though still cold.  But warm enough for a furry girl to chase sun spots in the courtyard.

She actually posed for some, and I love her sweet expression:

cat_3  cat_4


Here, not so much 🙂


A fly buzzing around her feet:

cat_5 cat_6

She moved to another sunspot:

cat_7  cat_8

cat_9  cat_10

she was happy to sit


& this one – I love her pretty face and her mysterious, beautiful eyes:


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  1. niasunset says:

    I love her too dear Keira, give many kisses to her for me. I loved your expression about svelte girl 🙂 You are amazing. Thank you, they are all so beautiful photographs. Love, nia

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