Clouds over MtLawleyShire – 25th Feb

Last week there were clouds and storm – well, for everywhere but Perth there was storm, but at least we got the clouds.  And they were fantastic, massive this, , almost making up for the lack of any rain or cool because both days have been hot and humid.  Most unpleasant.

These first 3, with their lines of mammutus clouds, are taken over Beaufort Street:

clouds_2  clouds_4


Then back home and out with the camera to catch massive thunderheads – cumulus piling up in the east:

clouds_2  clouds_1


clouds_3  clouds_4

clouds_6  clouds_7


To the southeast were all sorts of clouds – these were taken about 15 minutes apart.  I’ve greatly enhanced the contrast to bring out the different shapes and types of clouds.  Despite the colours, it was well before sunset:

clouds_1  clouds_7

looking west-ish just prior to sunset:

clouds_8  clouds_13

clouds of all types and stripes littered the sunset-waiting sky:

clouds_11  clouds_12

clouds_15  clouds_14

and then the thunderheads in the east, slowly sinking as they slid further south-east, caught the light of the setting sun:

cloud_8   cloud_1



cloud_4   cloud_2


finally, when almost all the light had fled, they remained a taunting, ghostly presence over the coming humid night:


I hope you enjoyed the clouds 🙂

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  1. KDKH says:

    I could feel the power in the clouds!

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