MtLawleyShire sunset – Feb, Friday 13th

Notwithstanding it is the date of a friend’s birthday, Friday the 13th has an aura of something other, usually dark, and this sunset reflected it.

A sky untidy with cloud presaged a sunset of scattered potential.  It began with gold, light delineating the complex cloud architecture and beauty so often lost to grey:

sunset_1  sunset_3

sunset_2  sunset_6

the light changed and deepened with gaps revealing clear sky behind the cloud play:

sunset_7  sunset_5

But there was a ‘smear’ of thin cloud amongst the cloud play:


As the sun descended, it became edged in golden threads:


Then the clouds caught the upward slanting blasts of light, changing into static explosions of gold against the darkness:

sunset_10  sunset_12

sunset_8  sunset_14

That golden-edged cloud contrasted with the darker clouds rushing in to swamp the fire of remaining day:

sunset_11  sunset_18

overhead, cloud trails became golden sky calligraphy.  I see a unicorn escaping the conflagration below:

sunset_17  sunset_41

then the gold became crimson and the pale blue of the sky behind like a painting of someone else’s winter dawn:

sunset_19  sunset_20

It deepened and became richer, contrasting with the larva bright below:

sunset_21   sunset_39


Magma of the clouds: their darkness failing to suppress the rage of dying day:

sunset_22  sunset_24

Fiery passionate moments in the ethereal cloud play of coming night:

sunset_37  sunset_27

sunset_28  sunset_33


In the east, the sweep of colours was more muted but no less glorious


sunset_38      sunset_32

Finally, night moved in, leaving last embers to flare and burn down into darkness.

sunset_35  sunset_29

It was a magnificent sunset and I hope your enjoyed it.

For the moment, with cloudless skies, there are no more.  But – there are storms forecast for next week, so keep your fingers crossed 🙂





8 comments on “MtLawleyShire sunset – Feb, Friday 13th

  1. niasunset says:

    I should add this too 🙂 …Someone is writing poetry in there, to the skies…

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  2. niasunset says:

    Your photography is great… Your sky is great… What can I say more, 🙂 I love to watch the sky through your camera. Thank you dear Keira, have a nice day and weekend, love, nia

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  3. Especially in 19 & 20, 35 & 29, you can see what they really are, in the guise of clouds–invading aliens coming up out of a fissure in the earth to engulf a nearby town. Or not. Beautiful colours.

    Love the clouds roiling and pulsing in greys and yellows and whites, too, when a storm cell just sits on top of the city across the river from us.

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  4. Joanna Fay says:

    Thanks as always, visual poet. 🙂 x

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