MtLawleyShire and a Landsdale sunset

Landsdale is a long way from MtLawleyShire – approximately 20 kms.  The difference in the topography is notable, as was teh vantage for the sunset: wide open, flat, reminding me that I was much closer to the sea than in MtLawleyShire.  It allowed, though, a glorious sunset view, despite the fact I stood on a major road – so no, I couldn’t really avoid the lightpoles, but they do add a nice perspective.

These straight trees caught the lowering light nicely


but even better were the clouds as the lowering sun blasted gold all across the horizon


sunset_4  sunset_2

sunset_1   sunset_3

the light coated trees behind me in that darkly golden light

sunset_trees_2    sunset_trees_3


and then the sun caught up with itself and the end of day:

west coast sunset_1  sunset_7

sunset_10  sunset_14

sunset_12  sunset_11

sunset_9  sunset_19

and gone

sunset_18  sunset_21

in other directions, following the road, the skies changed, but the vast emptiness of it almost defeated any sense of colour

sunset_22  sunset_8

sunset_13  sunset_27

sunset_16  sunset_17


In the west, the golden echoes of light intensified clouds

sunset_20  sunset_30

it was possible to see virga

sunset_31  sunset_26


the sky beneath the clouds was as clear and clean as glass


the light began to fade and withdraw


sunset_34  sunset_33

leaving the hint of deep burning embers down on the horizon


A wide, uninterrupted sunset, not something MtLawleyShire is accustomed to.  I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

12 comments on “MtLawleyShire and a Landsdale sunset

  1. fodrambler says:

    Um… Wow. The light on those trees is just beautiful.

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  2. I especially liked west-coast-sunset_1 and sunset_191. The quality and intensity of the light/colours are spell-binding. Love the series!

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  3. Van Ikin says:

    Magnificent photos, a spectacular record of the sunset. So many of those photos are artful, beautiful compositions in themselves, and when they’re woven into the bigger narrative it’s really, really impressive! (I could say that it takes the Northern Suburbs to put on a wide-vista display of this kind … but I won’t. 🙂 ) – Van

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  4. KDKH says:

    Lovely. I especially apppreciated the fenceposts in the foreground. Thanks for teaching me a new word– virga. It happens here a lot because our climate is so arid, but The proper name for it isn’t in common usage. Thanks!

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    • Thank you 🙂 It was a strange area – a wide expanse of nothing. I’m guessing it will soon be full of ugly treeless, water-guzzling development. We have the same climate & virga can be so terrible to see while you’re gasping for rain! Sometimes, rain is forecast, radar maps are showing it, there is heavy pressing cloud and not a drop is recorded because it all evaporates before it hits the ground or is even really felt in the atmosphere.


  5. niasunset says:

    Amazing sunset photographs… Thank you dear Keira, Love, nia

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  6. zannyro says:

    WOWWWW! Gorgeous!!!!

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