Dragon – a short post

As requested by KDH – here is one dragon that is in a format compatible with WordPress 🙂

‘Smoker – with attitude’.

He sold and resides in a graceful house with as much grace as he innately possesses.

smoker with attitude_2_Coloured pencil on black

And I should add he is coloured pencil on black paper and took quite a while to complete.  He always made me smile though.  I enjoyed drawing him


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  1. KDKH says:

    I love it! We have a lot of dragon involvement here at our house. They seem to pop up a lot since we got our dragon-like cockatoo. The flames down the back amazed me. That’s what I see sometimes when I do energy work on people. I hadn’t seen that as a dragon-thing, but it makes sense. The dragons guide me in that work occasionally, leaving most sessions to the great blue heron. I love your work! Looking forward to more.

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