Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

This week’s Weekly Challenge: Scale I thought would be yet another I would have to bypass, but then I saw others had posted the smaller things of our natural world.

I have many of them 🙂  But I thought I’d post some I haven’t posted before.  They are from last year – I have many bees from this year, but they have, for the most part, been in other posts.  These are new to the blogosphere

A wee hover fly on a blade of grass:


I followed this wasp around the garden, feeling very brave.

On a nasturtium leaf:

scale_2  scale_3

On lavender leaves:

scale_5  scale_4

I hope you enjoyed my entry 🙂


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  1. Excellent set.


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  2. Sandra says:

    Excellent photo, Keira. 🙂

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