Flowers on a smokey afternoon in MtLawleyShire

More fires filled the city with smoke.  This time in the southern suburbs (MtLawleyShire is inner north).  The smoke filters down streets, filling in shadows, and reduces perspective by playing with it:

smoke_1  smoke_2

It played havoc with the lighting as well, but I caught some flowers:

a sunflower translucent with sunlight


the astonishing beauty of a white hibiscus (though it was too breezy to be trying)


The joyous scarlet of a bottlebrush type:

flower_2  flower_11

The limitless grace of roses.  Red:

flower_4  flower_9

with a touch of gold and pinky-apricot:

flower_1  flower_5

and this delicate pinkish-mauve:


Finally – Grevillea and a close-up of one unfurling:

flower_7    flower_12

and now, I must go walking.  Maybe I will find more flowers…..

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  1. Madhu says:

    Beautiful!! 🙂

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